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March 9, 2019, 12:00 Noon

Parade Committee

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Theresa Davis Parade Committee Co-Chair (IAANJ)
Ryan Dawson Parade Committee Co-Chair (FSSP)
Pam Ryan Parade Finance Chairwoman
Mike Leavy Publicity
Mary Waller Secretary
Mike Lynch Parade Journal Co-Chair
Erin Lynch Parade Journal Co-Chair
Theresa Davis Line of March Coordinator
Keith Wood Line of March Coordinator

All The Leprechauns That Make It Happen

Tom Hand John Pellecchia
Erin Lynch Brian Conley
Pat Fahy Joe McGlone
Ricky Waters John O’Connor
Mike Bannon Michael Griffin
Eamonn Long Chief Peter Demnitz
Chris Hillebrecht Robert Callas
George Fyfe Ann Cahill
Sister Peter Mike Lynch
Brian Fitzpatrick T. Michael Quinn
Jim Mongey Geraldine Briscoe
Pete O’Hagan Janine “Jay” Myer
Harvey Klein Matthew Cornine
Rowland Lucid Pete Ecklund
Jim Spiniello Theresa Davis
John A. Hendricks John P. Hyland
Robert Lucid Francis E. Merriga
Meredith Rooney James V. Loughman
Art Flinn Mayor Tim Dougherty
Kevin Langan Jay Delaney
John Rudy Desmond Lloyd
Anne Kostyak Sandi Garcia
Robert Cavnaugh Liz Hand
Kevin Scollans Colette Mongey

The Trustees of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Morris County Inc.

The Trustees of the Morris County St. Patrick’s Day Parade are pleased to present the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The Trust was formed with representatives of the Irish American Association of Northwest Jersey, the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, and other interested parties.

The goal of the Trustees is to encourage, promote, and increase the awareness of the general public of the numerous contributions of the Irish-American community, to foster and promote social, recreational, cultural, and educational activities to enhance the dignity and reputation of the Irish-American community by emphasizing the traditions of patriotism, civic generosity, and the governmental and business contributions of the Irish American citizens, their families and colleagues throughout Morris County.

We wish to thank the many volunteers for their time and effort and especially our sponsors — — they are the backbone of the Parade.

May you enjoy the parade with the blessings of St. Patrick today and everyday.

Board Of Trustees


Jeff Rawding – President
Artie Flinn- Vice-President
Peter Ecklund – Treasurer
John Butler – Secretary
Richard Sweeney – Attorney


Willie Quinn
Patricia Flanagan
Michael J. Quinn
Julie Zara
Mary Waller


Ryan Dawson
Rich Smith
Kevin Langan
Tim Brunnock
Bryce Whelan

2016-2017 Parade Committees selected by Board of Trustees

Parade Committee Co-Chair – Theresa Davis (President IAANWJ)
Parade Committee Co-Chair- Ryan Dawson (President FSSP)
Finance Committee Chair – Pam Ryan